How do I get into the site?
You will be issued with a unique key pad on receipt of the deposit of £30.00

What are your opening hours?
Monday to Friday 0800 to 1800. Saturday 0900 to 1200
Access to units 24/7. Telephone enquiries and advice available 7 days per week.

Should I book a unit in advance?
It is always advisable to book in advance

Can I move in today?
If you require a container or if you wish to park a vehicle / trailer / caravan then you can move in today if there is a space available assuming you are able to provide the deposit and initial payments by cash or secure payment method.

What will I need to bring when I move in?
You will need to bring two forms of identity which will be either a valid photo driving licence or valid passport and a utility bill or bank statement confirming your address.

Do I need my own padlock?
No. We can provide padlocks, however a refundable £45.00 deposit for the key and padlock will be required.

How can I pay for my storage?
You can pay for your storage by direct debit.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?
Payment is required in advance. More information is provided on our Tariff page.

What about insurance?
All goods need to be insured fully.

How long can I store for?
As long as you wish.

Do I have to give notice to leave?
Notice of four weeks from the next payment date is required in writing.

Is there a charge for accessing my goods?
No charge is made for accessing your goods, however for security reasons we provide a key pad system that records the details of those entering and leaving as well as CCTV providing high definition records of all vehicles entering and leaving. The key pads are deactivated on termination of contract and for other reasons – please see details in our contract. A refundable deposit is required for the key pad activator of £30.00

Do you do removals/van hire?

Can I transfer to a different sized container?
Yes, provided appropriate notice is provided and a suitable container is available.

Can I store food or perishable goods?
Storage of food or perishable goods is not allowed.

Can I store birds, fish, animals or any other living creatures?
Storage of any living creature is not allowed.

Can I store combustible ort flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol, oil or cleaning solvents?
Storage of the above are not allowed.

Can I store firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition?
The storage of firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition is strictly forbidden.

Can I store chemicals, radioactive materials or biological agents?
Storage of chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents can only be considered following presentation of a risk assessment and a decision by the Directors of the company.

Can I store toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature?
The storage of the above are not allowed.

Can I store items which emit fumes, smell or odour?
The above are not allowed to be stored.

Can I store any illegal substances, illegal items or goods illegally obtained?
This is not allowed.